Copywritink Know How to Evaluate a Copywriter
I have always been against putting testimonials on my site, because of the subjective nature of the work that copywriting involves. Given the fact that copywriters are not “listened to” as doctors or engineers, the approval process does tend to color the results. There is also the fact that one client’s testimony and the showcasing of one assignment may not actually mean anything to another potential client, unless he/she understands the brief, the challenges, and knows the unique circumstances within which the copy assignment was commissioned.

So I have chosen the next best alternative. Nearly all my work is commissioned by agencies, production houses and design boutiques. I have asked a select few of them to tell you about me and my work, in the belief that if I have been able to deliver “good” results across clients, industries and assignments, their opinion can be held to be reasonably objective.

But I still maintain, writing for you is the only way you will know how good or bad I can be. Here goes….

Arvind Agarwal, CEO Atherstone Investor Communications Ltd.
Engagenement 4 years + to Engagement.

Working with KK is like working on two different timezones. He writes when i sleep. He sleeps when i edit. That's maximum bang for the buck. It’s been over four years that we have been working with him, so that in itself is a statement on quality. What is perhaps unknown, is his speed and adherence to commitment, something that enables us to be sure while promising delivery to clients. Having worked with us in developing parts of the copy for over 40 annual reports, we have realized that the so called idiosyncrasies and unpredictability of incredibly creative people is a myth. If you don’t believe me, just see the number of national and international awards we have won for projects done together!

Arvind Agrawal | Chief Executive Officer

(* in my list of assignments indicate awards won for work done with AICL)
Shayne Alvares, Partner, Dats IT – website designers & Hospitality Marketing Consultants
(Engagement – 10 + years)

In our business of website development, we have myriad customers, ranging from individuals to fashion designers to hotels to financial corporates. And in this melee one common thread that connects all these is KK's! I blindly recommend him and my clients have always given his work a first shot approval....believe me that takes a huge load off my shoulders. His work is versatile, slick and above all its the best salesman on my websites!
Manish Harindran, Founder- New Media Consulting, Digital Branding Consultant,.
(Engagement – 10+ years)

Writing copy that emphasizes the benefits and to make an emotional connection is KK's forte.

We have collaborated on projects ranging from websites, brochures, presentations & films and experienced customer delight.. I wish him all the best.
Purobi Ghosh Mohan, CEO Ideas Inc.
I have personally known Mr K K Varma (KK) for some years now. We have been interacting professionally for his creative copy services for our communication tools.

KK is experienced and well versed in this profession. He has in-depth knowledge on several subjects and has exceptional grasp on the relevant subjects that requires creative inputs.

A good thinker, clarity of thinking gives KK the edge over others in his profession.

Because of such abilities it makes KK one of a kind and a great creative support for any activity.

Purobi Ghosh Mohan
Chief Executive
Ideas Inc
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